Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well I'm mostly going to try to keep my blog postings to one a week, maybe 2 but since I have 3 little ones it's not always easy for me to find enough time to sit at the computer. Today is a special day though because it's my first giveaway. Yay!!! For those of you mommies with little girls you will love, love, love this product. I recently discovered pettiskirts. Oh my goodness, can dressing a little girl get any cuter?? I wish I had known about these when both my girls were born because I would have done their newborn photos in one. So stinkin cute!!! So, today my review and giveaway is on the Taylor Joelle orange pettiskirt. I recently discovered this "mommy" business and they have some of the cutest apparel for babies, girls and boys alike. I call it a "mommy" business because it's an online store started by a mommy, and who doesn't like to support a mommy?? Anyway, the pettiskirt I have as a giveaway is an orange size 2-4 pettiskirt. Just to get it out of the way because I know you are wondering, they did not technically donate this skirt I was in the market for one so I bought one, well the one they sent me had a tiny little black spot on it so I emailed and badaboom badabing they sent me another one and I asked about sending the other back but they said to keep it. Customer service doesn't get any better than that!!! So, I "cared" for the one with the spot and the spot came out and so I am giving away the one they sent to replace it. It is so super cute and my girls love these pettiskirts. It's also perfect timing because it's orange and fall is here and halloween is just around the corner, nothing cuter for a halloween or a fall picture than your little sweetie in an orange pettiskirt. So, this giveaway is going to be so easy, all you have to do is be a follower. If you follow you could win. I will be doing the drawing a week from today through, this way it's totally fair and everyone has a chance of winning. So, happy following mommies and friends. :) Oh and go check out you will find some super cute stuff there and they do a weekly hot buy every week which is usually a huge discount on one item. They have ties for boys and and super cute hats (my girls have some of these fabulous hats and we love them.) Check them out for some super cute apparel.

Above is the orange pettiskirt and the other photo is of my sweet grace in her taylor joelle

pink autumn beanie hat

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